Friday, January 02, 2009

I'm reading like a madwoman

You haven't heard from me all week because I am obsessively reading through No Logo during any and all spare time. I consider myself a fairly quick reader, but when the book is 500 pages thick, and filled with lots of gnaw on, combined with about an hour of reading time per day (more or less) takes a bit of time.

Bit by bit, this book is blowing my mind. It is, without a doubt, a force to be reckoned with.


Timothy said...

Paragraph 2:

Instead of "bit by bit, this book is blowing my mind" why not hit on three points so far that you are "gnawing on?"

Most people write spam online. Safe, tepid. You have a voice to develop.

But once you have said you're gnawing on something in the first paragraph, to say you're blown away in the next paragraph is blowing in the wind.

Let me know why you think it is worth reading No Logo.

And since your politics are similar to mine, are you a true Klein believer, or are there points of disagreement with Klein's take on capitalism and marketing?

And what would YOU like to see happen since the wheels are coming off the bus as we write?



PS: I have a Google News search for "Rain Garden" -- so I see your site pop up on my news feeds. Isn't that funny?

a. borealis said...

Timothy, hello.

Thanks for stopping by, and for the friendly critique. It has given me a chance to take a step back and look at myself with fresh insight, something I always find invigorating.

If I might defend myself: This blog has a very small readership - I get about 25 hits a day. I write mostly for my family and friends, with the knowledge I get a few hits via search engines. The post which you are referring to, seemingly so flimsy, is a check-in with readers: it wasn't intended to fan the flames, but more to let people know that I still exist on my end of the blogosphere (and why I hadn't been posting). Additionally, I write my blog as more of a running commentary on my life and interests vs. anything news-feed worthy. (Which is why it is so funny that I show up on your news feed! LOL)

I am the SAHM of two young boys, so my time for blogging (and reading and other pursuits) is limited. I am also extremely meticulous when I write posts, particularly ones that mean a lot to me, so I would never be satisfied spending a few minutes shooting my opinions out for the world to see without a lot of thought, tightening and re-writing. I have already written a little bit about No Logo, in "I expound" (hyperlinked into No Logo on this very post) - but that was when I was just hitting "the tip of the iceberg" as they say, about a quarter into the book. That being said, I have plans for a blow-out post on No Logo once I am finished reading it, where I will delve into everything you suggested.

I do think I fall in line with Klein's arguments on capitalism and marketing, though I'm not exactly sure how to carry out change on a culture-wide level. Each of us, as a consumer, has the power to change our little sphere - how we buy, what we value, who we support, activism within our community, etc. - but nationally and globally, ay-yi-yi. I'm only 31 years old, and still have a lot to figure out. Interestingly, much of what Klein wrote about the 90's cleared up a lot for me: I remember a lot of the events and the pop culture that she talked about. I've also been able to see that my anti-corporate sentiments spawned at a very young age, though I would have never been able to describe it for what it was at that point in my life (and, I might add: I worked for a very corporate mortgage business for 6 years during my 20's, which adds to my intrigue and direct experience within this realm).

Finally, I named my blog when we still lived in Minneapolis and I was discovering the beauty of the urban and suburban rain garden. I thought it was a clever take to name my blog Rain Garden, as if I myself am percolating.

I also see that you are located in Seattle: I grew up in Western WA and pretty much everyone in my family and extended maternal family resides there, so I have a special affection and affinity with that region. How did you enjoy all that snow?! =)

Thanks again for stopping...

Dani said... comment might seem inconsequential after that first one...but I just wanted to say hi! :) I requested this book a few weeks ago and can hardly wait until it comes into my library...thanks for all the good reads you suggest! hope the holidays were great with your boys!

a. borealis said...

Danielle...awesome...I can't wait to hear what you think of it.