Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Argh, matey - me toe hooks!

For those unaware, Diego has been obsessed with Peter Pan for some time now. Most of our afternoon "Special Time" play-time follows a Peter Pan-esque storyline starring Peter, the Lost Boys, Tink, Captain Hook, and the Crocodile.

Today, while Captain Hook (as played by Diego) was sitting on the edge of the Jolly Roger and contemplating a fall off the side of the ship, he muttered to himself --

"Hmmmm.... If I did fall off, the crocodile would eat my toes and then I would have toe hooks. Hmmmmm...."


* IrwinSong * said...

Mmmmm. I love it. I hope God lets us replay all these precious moments in Heaven someday! Too precious.

Dani said...

So cute! I love the things they say to themselves...completely enveloped in their own little worlds! :) And then I love that we have blogs to share it and write it down so that we'll have those precious memories forever!