Sunday, April 26, 2009


Brassavola nodosa 'Little Stars';
nestled with our sprouting seed potatoes.
This little sucker becomes fragrant at night, and
fills an entire room with an intense, spicy-sweet scent.
The boys enjoy inspecting and sniffing it every evening.
(We have divisions for interested parties.)

Epiphyllum (hybrid unknown)
Squeeze calls it Epiphyllum 'Don', named for
the former co-worker that gave it to him.
[When I met the old duffer, he was wearing
his t-shirt backwards. What a dude.]
The color of this "orchid cactus" bloom is so vibrant,
that looking straight into it tickles my brain.


Sally said...

Divisions??? Me Me Me

Sally said...

Thank you, thank you, but it didn't come with instructions

Dani said...

SOOOOO PRETTY! How I wish I could take you up on the divisions offer!