Friday, April 10, 2009

Waltzing through memory

I am now going through my daybooks from early marriage; and sweet william! it is so enjoyable to peruse our lives through my written word. So much that would have been forgotten is right there, to remember. Our lives...unfolding...all over again...

It is beautiful.

There were several weddings near-and-dear to my heart the summer of 2002, this being the first:

Most of the crew --
This was taken at the reception the night before

Of this group of beautiful youngsters, we have just one wedding left - this July. (The second-to-the-last was just this last October.) Don't we all look so fresh?!

From the 7/6/02 daybook entry:
"Katy looked beautiful and Luke looked very handsome and they both looked like they were extremely happy. It was such a beautiful and wonderful, fun and exciting wedding."

Also recounted was the ape man/siezure dance that Squeeze did in the middle of the dance circle (people were stopping to gape); petting sharks in the estuary pool; three sting rays and two green eels; Sam's conversion van blowing up in Blue Earth on the way to the wedding and as a result, missing the entire thing; dancing the two-step with Runyan to "you and I go dancing in the dark"; a faux-dramatic interlude with RC during the song "Lady in Red"; a waltz with DT; Squeeze and RC napping in the air conditioning of our duplex that afternoon; and finishing off the weekend celebration by going to the lake with RC and Squeeze (I was the only one who swam).

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lil' mama said...

Fun trip down memory lane! You'll have to bring "the video" from E and E's wedding when we see you guys in July.

Didn't some people swim at a lake on our way home from the EE's wedding too?