Monday, March 15, 2010

A remedy for pink eye

We just finished with a stint of conjunctivitis. I am so pleased to report that we eradicated it on our own! Home remedy. We blotted out sinus infections, ear infections, and now, eye infections - all without a visit to the doctor or the dreaded round of antibiotics.

Yessss. I am so proud.

Here's how we did it:
  • Regular intervals of hot compresses to the eye(s)
  • Eye wash of chamomile tea w/ goldenseal tincture
  • Lots of warm baths to promote drainage

The bacteria that causes pink eye cannot live in heat, thus the hot compress. Because we do not have a microwave or a hot water bottle, I heated dried beans in a pot until they were hot and put them in an old sock. Be careful - it can get very hot, to the point of needing extra layers to protect your skin.

For the eye wash, I resorted wiping out Truen's eye with a cotton ball dipped in chamomile tea with 2-3 drops goldenseal tincture. (He couldn't handle anything else.) Squeeze used a glass eye-washing cup: it makes a seal and allows you to open and flush out your eye with the liquid (also great for irritated eyes).

Chamomile tea:

  • 1 cup boiling water
  • 1 TBSP chamomile blossoms
  • Let steep until cool
  • Strain twice before using

I repeated the eye wash/wipe and hot compress several times throughout the day, once or twice in conjunction with each other (which is a very good idea, if only my two year old could have handled it better). After the 3rd day following this routine, little Truen's eyes were tamed. Squeeze's eyes, which were never oozy like Truen's, cleared up after two days.

I referenced Prescription for Nutritional Healing by Phyllis Balch and Naturally Healthly Babies and Children by Aviva-Jill Romm - books that are invaluable components of both my home library and natural health philosophy.


Carrien said...

We have always used colloidal silver drops. They don't sting t all and usually clear it up within a day, 2 at the most. The silver is a natural full spectrum antibacterial. We've used it to successfully treat impetigo as well.

I love that you blog about these things. I never think to and they are so useful.

Pooja said...
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