Thursday, March 22, 2007

Another calico post

There are many reasons why I've been so lax on my blog recently. First and foremost, I've been going to bed as early as possible and eating like an overworked ox. [I really should be in bed right now.]

Can anyone guess why? It starts with a "we" and ends with an "ine". Week nine.

Yep! Growing a baby really takes a lot out of a girl. And, (tee-hee) to all my former co-workers - I was only suspecting it at the end of my time at work, not ready to discuss or confirm. Using the infamous "child(ren)" in my farewell email was probably a subconscious mistake. I must say, though, I almost told Viiiiiiiiicky after she gave me her delicious carrot bread recipe and handmade card. I wonder if she saw my secret smile?

Secondly, we have been pounding the boards at home to maximize the amount of work we are able to get done, on many different levels: strategically, logistically, and physically. Much of my mental and physical powers have been drained by the almost-constant push to get things done. We are planning to go FSBO in selling our home, so I have been reading and researching endlessly in my quest to conquer our little corner of the housing market. Not to mention seeking a lender for our new home loan, setting terms for the purchase agreement on the new place, and organizing all of our financial details.

Finally, we've been sick the past week. Squeeze had a sinus infection that he was socking with endless salt washes. Starbeans fell ill after two bouts of congestion, which finally resulted in a double ear infection (our first tangle). I am proud to say that we conquered the beast through garlic oil & mullein ear drops, hot compresses, and keeping the kid in a hat 24/7. I was sick, too, and cleaned myself out with several salt washes and a hot compress. There is nothing worse than all going down at the same time. It is so nice to be [mostly] back to normal; especially Starbeans. It was terrible to see him suffer, rubbing and pulling at his ears like that, not to mention crying and whining incessantly. I understand why (the pain), but dang - it is hard to take.

And now, I must go to bed.


Jenni said...

Yeah!! Congratulations to you all on your new little one coming, that is so exciting! I'm ready to deliver and you are just at the beginning, which is probably a good thing considering all you have ahead of you in selling your home and everything. God's timing is just right :) Bless you and hope you all recover completely from the cold etc, we can totally sympathize! :)

Janna Finch said...

Congrats! Sorry to hear you have all been sick though.

Wishing you a happy and healthy pregnancy!