Tuesday, March 13, 2007


My little darling was joyfully ripping books off the bookshelf while Mama was vacuuming a ceiling and Dada was varnishing a handrail this weekend. Uh-oh - Mama's books! Nothing was destroyed, thankfully. I learned to keep the most vulnerable books a little higher after a beautiful old hymnal had its spine half-ripped off last summer.

Starbeans has his second runny nose in three weeks...such a bummer. We just cleared up the green goo last week, then hoo-haw, its back again. Shucks. At least he's learned to wipe his nose. I can hand him a diaper or a soft cloth and say, "Wipe your nose," and he does it. Today, he was in another room while I was in the kitchen and I spotted him wiping his nose all by himself. Amazing! I love seeing things click in his brain. Sometimes I try new things that I assume are way beyond his ability, just to see if he can do them. He usually can, which leads me to the conclusion that I'm the slow one. I've got to get with it!

I should also say...I am reveling in my new-found freedom from work. Being able to fully focus on Starbeans, our home, and our meals is thrilling! Our house is so much cleaner and I feel a lot less stress. I've also been able to join the playgroup I've always wanted to (but had to work) and have been able to socialize much more. I like it, I love it, I want more of it.

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Jenni said...

Cute picture :) That is one of Guenna's favorite things to do, take all the books off of the boys' books shelf! She would do it three or four times a day if only we would restock it for her to dismantle. Now if only I could teach her how to put them back!