Thursday, March 29, 2007

Up-gee mystery: mostly solved

I'm fairly certain that up-gee means hungry. Last night, Squeeze was saying something about being hungry and Starbeans said, "Up-gee!" although not as clearly as he had those two different mornings. Throughout the evening, I kept peppering him with, "Can you say, 'hungry'?" and he said up-gee every time. Again, not as clearly.

It got me thinking. Because I'm so hungry every morning, I often try and get us going on food as soon as we wake up. [We co-sleep, so I get up when he gets up.] I say, "Starbeans, are you hungry? Do you want some breakfast?" several times each morning to start moving towards the end-goal of FOOD. He must have been extra-hungry those mornings, I guess.

Speaking of up-gee - man, am I hungry.
What's new these days???

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Jenni said...

That's funny, I remember when Aidan was about that age he would say "dow-ah" for everything. You could ask him any question and if he didn't know the actual word he would say his word, "dow-ah" It's funny though because Eamon has never had a word like that, and I wonder if Guenna will. We were always trying to figure out what it meant. We even looked it up in the dictionary just to see if he was smarter than us, but it wasn't there :) Fun memories though!