Wednesday, March 07, 2007


I've barely been posting recently. The last few weeks have been a huge transition for us in many ways. For those of you who check in on me regularly, I will post more in the future - I promise.

A quick Starbeans story...
One of our cats [unfortunately] pooped in the corner near our front door last week. We have no idea who the offender is; it happens now and then, but usually in the basement, where it is not quite as shocking. There was quite the exclamation about it when the poop was discovered and Starbeans spent his time pointing at it and saying, "Poooo!" before we cleaned it up. Yes, poo. It, of course, was disgusting. The funny part of the story is, every time the word poop is mentioned since, he runs to the corner, points, and says, "Pooooo!" I'm amazed by his memory.

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