Monday, May 16, 2011


Holy smokes, our Little Jamie is only months old, not 5 months old like I (literally) thought at the beginning of the month.  (Did anyone catch that?)  Is this proof that he is my third child or what??  I can hardly keep track.

I suppose it doesn't help that he is 20 lbs (!!!)  and starting to sit up.  I was wondering why the other boys' baby calendars at 4 months didn't say anything about sitting up.  Geez louise.

Baby in Red

20 lbs, I know.  Insane.  What a lunk.  At this age, Diego was 19 lbs and Truen was 14 lbs.  It's like two fat sausages encasing a strip of bacon.  Yow, they are (were) big.

In other news, why do babies smell so wonderful?  I could take in all his scents forever, right down to the sour neck, which I've had so much trouble keeping tame this time around, and has earned him the nickname "Stinky".  I swear this kid will never know his real name.

Fat Stinky and his wittle giwaffe

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Ashley said...

Now those right there are adorable lips. Look at him - "ok mama, that's enough".