Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Steady Days

I rarely take notes on what I'm reading, but the book I just read, Steady Days: A Journey Towards Intentional, Professional Motherhood by Jamie Martin, required it.

My notes pretty much sum up everything I've learned about the most important survival skills in mothering these six years:

Problem-solving and adaptability

Check it:
  • Create a steady routine
  • Be flexible and open
  • If something is not working, there is a reason -- find a solution
  • Adaptability -- things change, work towards keeping up with it all, which will include shifts in your plan of attack and/or solutions
  • Find inspirations -- !!!  Yes.  An inspired mother will inspire her children.  (I'm happier when inspired anyway -- def.)
  • Analyze what isn't working
  • Be intentional and take a moment to decide
  • Life with children: constant training and teaching without always seeing an immediate result
  • Consider both the problem and the potential solution


lil' mama said...

Really needed to read the comment "constant training and teaching without always seeing an immediate result" good good reminder :)

S, M and LM said...

great stuff! Thanks for sharing your notes. makes me want to read the book. :-)