Sunday, September 18, 2011

"Bountiful Harvest" 2011

I adore tomatillos
On the vine: beautiful and intriguing
In the mouth: delicious

Garden path
Mah boys.

Mid-August Garden
It is starting to look dry at this point in the season,
and some things are going to seed.

Lemon cucumbers, a scalloped summer squash, zucchini

A Sphinx moth caterpillar!
These suckers are gigantic --
as thick as my thumb and longer than an index finger.
He was feasting on immature garden huckleberries.
He swung himself back and forth threateningly
when the boys poked at him too much.

Cabbage waiting to become sauerkraut --
My favvvvvvorite.

I am crazy-in-love with eggplant this year --
Gorgeous and delicious.
My brother and SIL made an eggplant and cherry tomato pizza
while they were here last week (ugh, pictures coming) --
I drool every time I think back on it.
It was muy delicioso.  Muy.
I want more!
(btw, you can go to her blog for pictures from the visit)

Black Plum, Cream Paste, Tangerine Mama,
Brandywine, Cherokee Purple, German Pink --
and Jimmy Nardello's peppers

A gorgeous Charantis melon
Such a sad story --
This year's growing season is about a month behind
and with approx. two weeks before frost,
combined with a 30 degree night this last week,
very few melons, if any, will ever mature.
This little beauty wasn't even ripe.
Every year there are
and losses.


icecubes said...

Wow! Such beautiful pictures of your garden harvest! It makes my mouth water :)

ms said...

i love all the green photos!!
it is amazing how every year something different shines.