Monday, September 26, 2011

Oh no, oh yes --

A couple of weeks ago, Diego was outside and romping around in the grove (trees that surround our house) while we were in the garden picking for our baby CSA.  (We have two subscribers this year . . .  just the right amount with a babe, working FT, and picking from our home garden.) 

While he was out and about, he somehow ensnared a softball-sized mess of cockleburs in his hair.  He came inside while I was trying to organize the kitchen for dinner with a baby on my back, probably around 8:00 PM.  "Hold on a bit," I told him, "I can pick it out later . . . I really can't stop what I'm doing right now."

He disappeared and I forgot about it.

The next morning, I saw his head tipped at an odd angle in the sun and blanched.  Hack job.  "You cut your hair?!" I yelped, "I thought I told you I was going to pick it out."  Gak!

"Oh yeah," he said,  "I didn't do it.  Dada did."


Great.  Dada did.  So after a couple of weeks, I finally finished the job.  I shaved his head, ladies.  I did.  Just this weekend.  His beautiful curls, gone.  Just for now, of course . . . but I do miss them.  And I hardly recognize him from a distance.  It feels strange to see his hair so short.

 His new 'do
Check out that cow-lick!
(Truen's hair is my own personal hack job)

His hair hasn't been this short since infancy
♥ Awww, shucks ♥
I entitled this .jpg "Jellybean"
Precious and sweet are the days gone by...


Ashley said...

I could hardly recognize him!!! Big E thinks he looks like his Uncle Andrew. Either way, cute!! But sad.

Ashley said...

and the throwback to baby starbeans is just too precious. And you look absolutely smitten with him!

C. Shirk said...

That is such a cute picture of D as a babe and you looking like such a youngster yourself!

The burs in the hair reminds me of Ramona Quimby. Have you read the Ramona books? We have all the books on audio book and for the last 3 years it is almost all we have listened to in the car. I ADORE the stories and the gal who performs them on the audio books is outstanding. The kids have finally gotten tired of them and I miss them now!! I think your peeps would love them, too. Even though the main characters were girls, Jackson loves the stories.

a. borealis said...

Ash: I was. totally. smitten. I think back to it, and I think I ditched Blaine for a year and had a new little husband. I was totally and completely head-over-heels.

Carrie: We LOVE the Ramona audiobooks. Stockard Channing is the BEST, isn't she?? And Beverly Cleary creates such a believable and beguiling world. It is a pleasure to listen to. "Yeah-yeah! I'm in the baddest witch in the world!" :)

ms said...

he is so beautiful! always was! his curls are wonderful, but wowzer, he is so cute!! the growing out will be fun too. sorry, i mourn with you. it was so hard for me too.
gotta put in a word for Beverly Cleary! we have loved "Emily's Runaway Imagination" on audiobook.