Thursday, May 17, 2012

Garden notes: fully planted

Is it Thursday already?

We had an extremely productive three days last weekend.  Squeeze took Monday off, an excellent move which produced some massive results.  Massive?  Yes.  Both gardens are 100% planted.  All supports (cages, frames, poles, wind protection, etc.) are in.

Stats from this weekend:
  • 54 tomatoes
  • 41 peppers
  • 16 eggplants
  • 6 tomatillos
  • 4 varieties of winter squash (Buttercup, Butternut, Spaghetti, Triamble)
  • Cucumbers (Lemon and Bushy)
  • Summer squash (a yellow patty-pan and Black Beauty zucchini)
  • Gourds, pumpkins
  • Melons (Charantis and Sweet Siberian for sure)

We've been eating huge salads all week.  In fact, for lunch the other day I served the boys a giant salad with sunflower seeds, raisins, tuna chunks and shredded cheese with buttered toast.  They yummed it down and Truen requested it for lunch the next day as well.  I also picked enough spinach that all of us were able to eat it with dinner one evening in delightful quantities (we usually end up fighting over it).  With butter and salt.  Yo.

We feel very good with where we are at this year.  Very good.  "Experience is the best teacher" and man, we learn more and more with each passing season.  When a tactic fails, we take note and make sure not to repeat it the next season.  Or even accidental or circumstantial failures, like last year when we didn't get the tomato support fences up until early July.  It couldn't be helped . . . there was just too much else to do.  But this year?  The fences were already made (a huge boost in working towards our goal) and we got them in as we planted.  That is huge.

More notes from this spring:

The boys and I were in Minneapolis last week, staying with dear friends and visiting with my brother while he was in town.  We hit up the Minneapolis Institute of Art, Como Park, Minnehaha Falls, hung with our buddies, satiated my cravings for Nepali and Middle Eastern food, spent time with a friend and her new baby and visited with a college roommate (and her children) I hadn't seen in almost 9 years.  A very full and rich few days.

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