Monday, April 02, 2012

Spring garden notes

We are a full month and a week ahead of last year and with hindsight we are realizing that we could have planted the cool-growing varieties several weeks ago.  This weekend it was in the 80's F.  Very weird for the end of March/beginning of April in the Midwest.  Very weird.  With last year's lengthy fall, the almost-snowless winter and now an early spring, it feels like we have barely had a break from the garden this year.

This weekend we planted:
  • Spinach
  • Kale
  • Chard
  • Celery
  • Lettuce & Radishes
  • Peas
Outside hardening off but still in flats are the alliums: onions, scallions, leeks.  Still in flats inside, in sunny windows and/or under lights on heating-mats, are some of the heat-loving varieties: tomatoes, peppers, misc. herbs, eggplant.  And now that I think of it . . . cabbage.  Maybe broccoli too?  Squeeze is in charge of logistics and I just got home, so I am a little out of touch.

We are still in the process of adjusting to being home.  Things are going so nicely compared to last year, for which I am thankful and making a point to consciously remember and feel grateful for.  It has been total cake compared to all the sickness of last spring.  The adjustment is mostly just sleeping times (wake, nap, bed-time) that are a little off.  But we are slowly transitioning.

I still have the feel of a refreshed perspective on life and I can tell that Squeeze does too.  It feels very good together again.

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mschirber said...

isn't it amazing to already have the garden going!!! i love it!