Friday, April 15, 2011


We're home!  Amazingly (or perhaps not) I missed both flights, there and back again.  The new rule is to arrive no later than 2 hours before the flight is scheduled for departure. 

No exceptions. 

I hate that, but I hate all the complications and angst that goes hand-in-hand with missing a flight way, way more.

And there is just something so funky about traveling with children.  Sickness seems to ensue more often than not.  And amazingly, we picked up 2-3 different things this time around.

Truen woke me up crying with an earache that very first night we were home.  An ear infection, his first at three years old.  He has an accompanying fever and hasn't wanted to eat much.  He tends to be very unpleasant when sick or hurt, so things have been pretty miserable around here. 

Diego?  Diarrhea.  His stomach has been bothering him on and off since last Sunday morning.  I haven't been able to pinpoint the cause, but it finally turned into full-out crampy diarrhea this morning.  Lovely.  He's laying on the couch with a hot salt pack on his belly right now.

The baby?  His second cold.  It is minor, thank goodness.  It is just as minuscule as his first cold at 6 weeks.  It hasn't interrupted his sleep at all, seems to be congested only at night, and is just as happy as usual.  I am so thankful for that.

So yes, I'm home.  But things aren't quite normal yet. 

We arrived home on Wednesday evening and I still have yet to unpack.

Over and out.

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greengrace said...

Welcome home, it is almost time to start digging and planting. I am sorry to hear the boys have been feeling poorly.
See you soon.