Wednesday, April 06, 2011

New favorites

We are still here with my parents in Western WA, though we are winding down towards the end of our three week visit.  I'm starting to get a little panicky, hoping that I haven't missed anyone and feeling the time-crunch of the End. 

That's why our visits are so long -- to enable a nice, leisurely visit vs. a frantic, frenzied week-long blitz.  I like it so much better that way, though we do miss Blaine.

The boys have been having a great time with Grandma and Grandpa.  "Fruit yogurt" from Grandma and lengthy games of Candy Land with Grandpa probably top the (very long) list.  My parents are having a nice time with the boys too, but have wondered "How on earth did we do it?!" in remembering of the energy-levels and constant direction that comes with little ones.

Here are a few of the boys' favorite things from this visit:

Playing outside has been a big hit --
Diego still hasn't found a frog or a bird's nest,
but loves playing with the dog and has found many, many slugs.
Truen picks me dandelions almost every time he is outside.

 "Candy Island" with Grandpa --
Diego is particularly crazy about it.
One time he got the Candy Heart four times in one game.
Yowza.  That's a lot.
Truen usually plays a quarter or half-game 
before he gets bored and wanders off,
though he did last long enough to win yesterday.

Jamie's new trick:
Sucking on a strategically-placed clean diaper --
Very tasty with an intriguing mouth-feel.

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