Friday, April 13, 2012

I am . . .

  • Researching homeschooling.  I've hammered out my philosophy and methodology (Charlotte Mason Method / Charlotte Mason), but now I am looking into the reality of putting that in motion . . . analyzing booklists, curriculum guides, others' experiences and brainstorming possibilities.
  • Watching Jonsi's "Go Do" with the baby on my back while posting on my blog.  Now that is multi-tasking.  (Loving the bird motif.)  My brudder is EO.
  • Prepping for a late Easter celebration with Squeeze's family on Sunday.
  • Coddling my left pointer finger after a whack with a sharp chef's knife last week (it slipped on an onion).  Uff.  It didn't bleed much because I was so quick to put pressure on the cut, but I did FAINT 10-15 minutes later as I was attempting to look up stitches in a reference book.  Thankfully Squeeze was in the room and caught me as I tipped backwards.  Un-un-un-un.  He dragged me into the living room and laid me on my back.  Everything I had been thinking about that day was swirling around in front of my eyes like a funnel until I surfaced, which felt like waking up out of a deep sleep.  I heard Squeeze telling the curious boys, "Mama fainted" as I was coming to.  It was the strangest thing.  My finger hurt much less after I fainted.  Odd.  And Schtinky was trying to lay on my head as I lay there. :P
  • Cycling again.  After 15 months of respite (and actually, 24 months including pregnancy), I have to start thinking about charting again.  Bah.  Though I do know how lucky I am....
  • Busy.  I can't believe how busy I am.  Hardly a moment for contemplative thought, let alone any extras.
  • Happy.


lil' mama said...

Cracking myself up because when you said "cycling" I thought you meant on a bike! I thought to myself
1)I didn't know you were into bike riding?
2)Dang, where does she find the time?


Hope your finger heals quickly and can't wait to hear more about homeschooling!

mschirber said...

i too was thrown off by the cycling comment! tee hee!
i am so glad Squeeze was there when you fainted! wow, crazy that it didn't happen until 10 minutes after?? and then didn't hurt as bad? so interesting. i hope you heal well.
busy, indeed.