Tuesday, April 17, 2012

United we stood

This past weekend, Squeeze and I got involved in a dispute over bath towels.  It was a classic tussle over pet peeves, with arguments dissected into a million little pieces - a disagreement that would have sent us into a tail-spin for days at one point in time.

But instead of fighting tooth and claw over the aggravating minutiae of how we didn't agree, we ended it with a good chuckle and a kiss.  We still didn't agree, but the storm blew over and left us on the same team.  We even laughed over our different angles on the issue and all the same, old hang-ups.

Fifteen years of practice, patience, affection and further understanding has brought us to this point.  What a wonderful place to be.


Ashley said...

love this.

C. Shirk said...

That's great! I tell ya, I firmly believe one of the biggest keys to a happy marriage and just getting along with people in general is having a good sense of humor. Matt and I almost always end disagreements with laughter. It's amusing how different folks are. Enjoy it!