Wednesday, April 04, 2012


Lil' Schtinky is 15 months now.  I actually had to stare at the calendar and use my fingers to figure that one out.  It is just amazing how things change.  I know I knew Diego's exact age with each passing week and month (and possibly even Truen's), but with Jamie?  I just round up or down. 

"He turned one at the beginning of January," was my reply when people asked how old he was while we were at my parents' house.  Geesh.  There is just too much going on to be able to keep track.

A few things about Jamie --
  • He has 11 teeth: 4 on top, 3 on bottom, and 4 molars
  • New words include "mama", "dah-dao" (all done), "bel-bo" (belly button), "tinky" (you guessed it . . . Stinky), "uh-oh", and "der deh dis!" (there it is).
  • He also said "brother" on the flight to Seattle but I haven't been able to get it out of him since.
  • He signs "milk", "more", "all done", "food", "sharp", and "hot".  We are working on "please" and "help".
  • He was absolutely CRAZY about my mom's horse and my parents' dog when we were home . . . it was all excited arm-flapping and squeals when he saw them for the first time.  He followed Joey (the dog) around and would get down on his hands-and-knees and laugh when he got close enough.
  • He called the horse "ba-ba", or something like that.  Isn't that terrible that I can't remember?!
  • His climbing obsession seems to have diminished somewhat.  He still climbs, but it isn't with the force it once was.  Thank goodness.
  • His new-found interest is terrorizing his brudders.  Not that he's trying.  He just wants to do everything they are doing.  He want to be right there, right in that exact spot, and will rip toys out of their very hands.  There has been a lot of screaming and biting going on.
  • Since we've been back from Western WA, he has been sleeping late in the morning, taking an afternoon nap (mostly) in conjunction with his brudder(s), and going to bed with all of us at night.  It has been nice . . . before we left he was getting up and going to bed earlier and was unable to make it to the afternoon nap, which usually resulted in a quick cat-nap around noon.  I either kept him in the backpack to ensure it was a short one, or would wake him up with his favorite home video (him dancing to Vivaldi) after 10-15 minutes.  Just enough to refresh him.  I will do anything for a simultaneous napping session!
  • Jamie loves his daddy as much as his udder-brudders.  He lights up and runs to the back door with the rest of the crew if/when he knows Squeeze is home.  He wants to be held and will sidle in for squeezes and snuggles.  It is just the sweetest thing.
  • He is still a total terror at meal-times.  We try to keep him as busy as possible.  The latest tactic is putting his food in a little egg-cup and with the a matching spoon, but after a few days he is losing interest.  I can't wait to enjoy my food again.
  • He usually only says, "mama" if he is running after me, tired or hurt or needing me, and it sounds like this, "mamamamamamamama!"  Squeeze gets the happy, smiley "dada!".
  • Some of my favorite moments with him are when he is sleepy or in need of cuddling . . . I hold him in my arms in front of me and he'll lay his head on my shoulder and it feels like we are puzzle pieces tightly fit together.  It feels so good and he smells so sweet.
  • I have recently realized that I have worked the mournful feelings of the end of Jamie's baby year out of my system.  I was really sad about it for awhile.  The baby year is just so special (and tiring, let us not forget).  And now that that sadness has passed, I have re-realized how much I enjoy this age.  I LOVE the second year.  I love that they are still babies, but more independent.  Learning, laughing, toddling.  The regular mom-checks.  It is such a fun age.  I am really enjoying it.
  • Schtinky is OBSESSED with his belly button and has been for well over a month now.  He walks around for most of the day with his finger in his belly button.  He keeps his finger in mine while nursing.  We regular talk about and examine his, mine, and Squeeze's belly buttons.  My poor belly button was red and sore in the middle of March from being poked and scratched at so much.  He finds it in the night while nursing.  He calls it a "bel-bo" (as opposed to Diego's "bel-buh").
  • I wonder if my belly button will be to Jamie as my neck is to Diego and my armpits are to Truen...?  Then they will all have their special nook or cranny of my body.
  • He definitely looks more like my side of the family.  My mom said she was reminded of me at this age while we were home.
  • He has the lightest hair-coloring of the boys, with blonde highlights in the sun.
  • He says, "Uh-oh!" when he drops something.
  • He will nod his head "yes" to any question asked of him.
  • He went through a little obsession with kissing and would start smacking his lips with a little "mpha-mpha" noise when he started thinking about it.  Then he would kiss everyone in sight.  Adorable.  A couple of times I would start hearing the "mpha-mpha-mpha" coming from behind me while he was in the backpack and I would turn my head to receive a smooch smack! on the lips.  He would stand up and grab my face if I didn't get at it quick enough.
  • His run is like a hopping-bounce, but he does get places faster.  And it is usually in conjunction with a big smile lighting up his face. ♥
  • The little fella.  How I love him!

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lil' mama said...

Oh to enjoy meal time again. When will that happen? Love hearing the details of little Jaime. He reminds me so much of Nathan and Isaac. And I love this age too! So much fun!