Monday, June 18, 2012

Obsessed with "chesst"

All three of our boys are going through a chess binge (otherwise known as "chesst" at our house).  We have three sets: one cardboard and plastic-piece set from Wilburn, circa 1974, one wooden set from Squeeze's childhood chess obsession, and a small magnetic travel chess set, also from Squeeze's childhood.  He used to play against himself in the car.  All three boards are in circulation.

Diego begs both Squeeze and I to play every day.  Most of the game is punctuated with "No, a pawn can only move one space forward", which seems to be the rule he has the hardest time remembering.  He obviously has no ability for strategy at this point, but he loves moving the pieces around the board and capture his opponent's pieces. 

Truen likes to use the pieces for his own imaginative battle scenes, complete with sound effects.  He doesn't play "chesst", per se.  Like Diego, he can set up the board with the pieces in the correct spots.  "I know how to set it up, do you know that Mama?" he said this afternoon.  And he had, it was set up perfectly.  Wow.

Jamie is very interested with both the pieces and boards as well, not only because they are new, but also because his brothers' major "chesst" jag.  He likes to suck on the pieces and throw them around the room as well as scrape the chess board against the kitchen floor.  Uff.

It has been a intriguing phase to be thrust into.  Who would have thunk it?

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