Tuesday, June 26, 2012


  • Today I'm going to make garlic scape pesto.  I dropped last summer's pesto remnants in a glass storage container that shattered on the kitchen floor and honestly contemplated trying to eat it in spite of the glass shards.  It is that good.
  • We killed another baby bird last night.  Not on purpose of course.  This time a robin fledgling that fell out of the tree in the front yard last Saturday morning.  We read online to leave a fledgling alone and let its parents take care of it, but we have three children under seven and it was in the front yard right outside our windows.  It didn't stand a chance.  They couldn't leave it alone and we weren't willing to spend an entire day or more fighting them off of it.  The boys did their best, feeding it all kinds of chopped worms, but in the end "mother knows best".  Sad.
  • The linden basswood tree in our front yard is in full bloom.  It is literally buzzing with honey bees and its flowery fragrance is almost overpowering.  I am extremely fond of this tree, feeling thankful for it (and the people who planted it) almost everyday.  The shade that it provides our home and yard below it is so luxurious, a haven to hide under on a warm, sunny day.  It is downright gorgeous undearneath its leafy spread.
  • Schtinky AKA Jamie has been very opinionated about which breast he nurses on for awhile now.  He now says, "ah-side" when he is ready to switch.  Before that it was just a lot of squeezing and shirt-pulling.
  • Last Saturday I slept in until 9:00 AM, very comfortable and dozing in and out of sleep throughout the morning.  Ladies, it has been a long time.  Probably more than year?  Maybe longer.  This too, felt like a luxury.  Wow.  It was amazing.

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Emily said...

Why did you get to sleep so late? That sounds lovely. :)