Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Just like brudder

Just like brudder.  Always.
It is so fun to watch the wheels turning in his little head,
seeing how he works it out to mirror his brudders.
(I remember my sister squatting like this with me when she was a similar age.)
On a sidenote: Truen wore those shoes when he was 2.5 years old.
And they definitely won't fit Jamie next summer.
Currently: Schtinks = 27 lbs :: Truen = 32 lbs

I thought I'd try to get a good shot of the three of them while I was at it.
No luck . . .
Though I do love seeing what each of them are up to.
They are sitting in front of the chicken yard --
currently we have 9 chick(en)s which we will butcher this fall.
(We liquidated our egg-laying stock last fall.)

Same thing.  Just like brudder.
He insisted on having his towel wrapped around him
just exactly like Truen had his towel wrapped.

He has been wanting to "help" in the kitchen too --
In this case, making ice cream.
Yesterday he was "helping" me pound bread crumbs.
On the step-stool, a good 2-3 feet off the ground.  Gah!
I spent most of my time hovering,
worrying about a misstep vs. getting dinner done.
(: But how I love this little brudder. :)

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