Thursday, February 14, 2013

It's a . . .

'nother baby boy.  What else could it be?

Here's his little foot --

And his little arm --

They tried to get a 3-D image of his face but he was wiggling around too much.

Of course . . . I was hoping for the outside chance that it might just possibly be a girl, but after couple of minutes of crestfallen disappointment, I was back to my usual happy self.  A boy is what we were pretty much expecting anyway.  I know boys and I love my boys.  Blaine is pleased (though was initially a little disappointed over the fact they it wasn't twins, the rascal).  He would have flipped over a girl, but as he says, "I love my boys".  The sweet little fellas.

And I have all their gear, conveniently sorted by age; there is definitely a part of me with a strange satisfaction to be able to use their clothes all over again.   This little guy will be suited up with all the socks, shoes, boots, pants, shirts, undies, coats, hats, and mittens that he'll ever need.  I've saved it all.  Though I do suppose a number of things will be totally worn out by the time it gets to him.  The knees in most of the 4T pants are already threadbare.  I really need to learn how to patch (I think I can, I think I can, I think I can).  I wonder if little girls wear out the knees of pants like little boys do?

Shoot, maybe he'll even have a name by the time he's born.

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lil' mama said...

That is awesome! 4 boys :):):) Girrrrl! You can do it. So nice that you have all the stuff, the blue stuff :) Loved your comment about threadbare knees in 4T pants. So true!!!!!

Congrats mom of boys!!!!