Monday, June 24, 2013


Yes . . . I am that busy.  No time to write, but take a look at some pictures.  In order of date, starting with a week ago last Sunday.  Baby Eliah is the sweetest most darling little fella.  Totally in love.

 Two weeks old with Mama
In the boys' "Tipi House"

 Two-ish weeks with Jamie
Sunning his wittle diaper rash

 Two-ish weeks with Truby
Waking up from another nap

 Three weeks old with Diego
Dramatic lighting from the storm that blew through
. . . one of my faves.

Snuggling with Dada at three-ish weeks
Another one of my faves . . .
The sweetness.

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Ashley said...

I am so glad you posted! I especially love that you posted photos. Eliah Len is getting so big! And his big brothers (and ma and pa) look absolutely smitten. The picture of Jamie and Eliah is particularly darling.

I think another Skype date is in order when I get home. I miss your family.