Thursday, July 03, 2014

Misc. check-in

I'm eating a snack of a banana, walnuts, and kimchi.  Who knew it would be such a great flavor combination??  But it really is.  Bite of banana, handful of walnuts, bite of kimchi.  Yum.

My original snack plan of two boiled eggs with a side of kimchi fell through when I discovered raw eggs in the carton marked "Boiled".  Amazing, but not.  The culprit?  Old Leroy.  The guy absolutely destroys me in the Tidy and Organized departments, but somehow uncooked eggs always end up in the boiled egg carton.  The scallywag.  I love him.

My parents are here in their second half of a two week visit.  This afternoon they are taking the three older boys to a movie at a theater (their first time ever) and then out for dinner.  I'm home with the babe, who mysteriously took a half-hour nap as his usual time, which necessitated another nap coinciding perfectly with the late afternoon matinee.  The bliss: an hour at home by myself before a quiet evening at home with my mate.

Ahhhhhh.  And so, as to not waste time, my little bloggerific pop-in must be cut short.  I have the 2014-2015 school year to plan.  I normally do this in April, but this spring just didn't allow it.  When I started brainstorming my parents' visit, I realized that my planning time is literally "now or never".  Do or die.  So I've been pecking away at it here and there while they are here to manage the boy-ohs.

AND.  My mom and I are teaming up to clean out and wash our kitchen cupboards inside and out.  Yessssss!  My dad is reading all the boys' school books to them each day and almost done reading The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe aloud, the start of our second time through the series together.  Awesome.

My sister, who also came for the visit, is playing ponies with the fellas every afternoon.  My Little Ponies.  Diego would perish of embarrassment if he knew this was common knowledge.  Bwahahahaha.  They're playing with my old ponies, the ones that Jayna also played with as a girl, and they all looooove it.  It is the sweetest thing.


Ashley said...

I love your little check-ins, though I wish they occurred more frequently. I've been missing you and your boy-ohs.

Glad you're buckled down and managed to do some planning. I find myself procrastinating in all departments right now. It is unpleasant... or it will be when I'm playing catch up.

I hope the rest of your visit with the family goes well.

Missing you. Always.

Emily said...

Thanks for the update! Glad to hear you have some support for a little while--what movie did the boys see? Enjoy.