Monday, February 16, 2015

Pictoral Update

We were gone on our annual winter visit to the Twin Cities the week before last --
First with my friend Laura in Wisonsin, then with my SIL in a TC suburb.
Here are three of 'em readin' with Laura's Plumpy.
Just look at that holey knee: the demise of so many pants.

Everyone loves the fountains at Como Park --
And yes, Diego pulled out a few pennies before I put the kibosh on it.
We were there with my SIL and three of the cousins.

 You would not believe what it took to get this picture --
I had to haul Yi-ya up on my lap and block Jamie from the water behind us. 
Surrounded by boy-ohs.

 Visiting the cousins: I just love cozying up at home with them.
Here are the little guys playing with a favorite cousin upstairs . . .

 While the big guys did Lego battles with another favorite cousin downstairs.
Love them. Best cousins ever.

After a bit we came home, and after some fevers and coughing,
we continue the process of readjusting to "real life".
Just look at these little brothers!
It is amazing what kind of growth happens in less than two years.

 Just last week: I love this action shot in the kitchen --
The morning sun shining, our crowded refrigerator front,
Dishwasher, diapers, boys climbing like monkeys.

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