Thursday, September 17, 2015

Holding steady

My early, early mornings are continuing on track.  I am extremely motivated to keep this time of solitude in place and rise anywhere from 4:10 AM, which I've found to be too-too early, to 5:30 AM, which is not time enough.  Blaine is awake by 5:45 AM and I join him around six.

I have finally found my quiet time, space to think and plan.  It feels amazing.  I am centered, better organized, and feel like I have more of a grip on my life.

I am no longer niggled by the frantic feelings and ugly resentment when unable to find any down-time throughout the day.  I have my quiet. I hold in my heart throughout the day and look forward to it every night as I go to bed.  It feels amazing.

It seems like such an obvious solution that I'm not sure why it took me so long to get here. 

[Though I do remember pregnancies, night-time nursing, and more consistent quiet mornings than I've had in the last two years.] [And it is easy to forget that life is a journey.]

I've bumped into the early morning advice many times before, and now that I've made it a part of my life, I see it everywhere in the blogs I read.  So that's how she "does it all".  She gets up in the dark hours on the morning: reading, writing, crafting, exercise, whatever.  The day is fresh and the silence gives space.  Ah.

Finally. I've arrived.

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Ashley said...

04:10 is entirely too early. In the realm of 05:00 sounds manageable, though. I am glad this new rhythm is working for you! I couldn't imagine four boisterous boys 24/7.