Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Quick pop-in

Unbelievable. It appears that my new habit is posting every two months. I'm like a broken record . . . I don't have time for reflection, blahblahblah . . . but it is such an accurate picture of my life right now.

I have about a half-hour of solitude in the morning before everyone gets up and I use this time for stretching, life organization, and scant reading. Afternoon Quiet Time is a thing of the past, replaced with Afternoon Lessons.

Jamie, six years old, still naps most days. The older boys and I have spent delicious afternoons in recent months reading aloud The Tale of Beatrix Potter and Richard Halliburton's Book of Marvels, then working on math lessons. We use MEP math out of the UK. (Love!)

Jamie still naps! Regularly. Much longer than Diego or Truen ever did. I believe he may need more sleep than the average kid, but more importantly, it is because his body is slow to move toxicity. Extra sleep on the days he is showing signs of stress makes a big difference.

Key signs of bodily stress show in 1) behavior (very low stress tolerance, inflexibility, inability to cope, etc.) and 2) his lymph system. Inflamed lymph nodes in his neck and groin are prime indicators, peppered around like little peas. Totally freaky, right?  Ugh . . . it has been quite the journey.

We have seen our area "witch doctor", a Kinesiology PhD who works on keeping energy flow and balance in the body.  We are using Bioray Kids Calm to assist his body to keep things moving: chemicals, heavy metals, bacteria, virus, etc.  We are using the Kids Dynamic Drink to boost his system. (In addition to whole foods, broth, limited sugar, no food coloring, epsom salt baths, etc.) We bought also bought an Austin Air Purifier, as we believe the indoor air quality of our century-old home is a primary culprit.

We have seen improvement with all of these measures, both in behavior and his lymph nodes.

My time is out . . . but here I am. Living life in my little corner of the world.

See yeh in two.

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