Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The Plan

I'm keeping a food journal during the month of October, to see exactly what I'm eating. I have a few problems - bruxia (tooth-grinding - perhaps interrelated with TMJ?), rosacea, and (potentially) hypoglycemia. Through the book I'm currently reading Prescription for Nutritional Healing - I am interesting in finding solutions through diet and nutritional supplements. But first, I'd like to see what I'm eating. It should be interesting!

I'm also on the low-end of my BMI - so perhaps there is room for improvement to help me maintain my weight while breast-feeding. An interesting fact: I am 5'9. Before pregnancy, I weighed 150, which is on the high-end of normal for my BMI. Now I weigh between 130-135: the low end. That is quite the difference, people! I am getting comments quite regularly and have to wear a belt for the first time in my life (or those pants fall doooown). It's kind of a pain in the butt, actually - but I suppose I shouldn't complain too bitterly. It's all the Milky - mayhap another reason to spur more women to breast-feed their babies.

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purple_kangaroo said...

Have you seen the tracker at mypyramidtracker.gov? It does have quite a few foods missing from the database that I eat regularly (and you probably do, too). But I can usually find something fairly close to substitute, and overall it's a really good little widget.