Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Laugh out loud (at 4 am)

While lying in bed in the wee morning hours last night, I started thinking about how my maternal grandmother gave all her grandchildren flashlights for the Christmas of 1999. She never specifically said that they were for Y2K, but I always had my suspicions.

The year before that, we all got world maps and atlases. The year before that, giant black beach towels with exotic flowers & foliage: males and females alike, no matter of our age. My aunt said that she always bought whatever was on sale at the drug store.

She and my grandpa don't leave the house much anymore, unless someone comes to get them. All of her presents are bought through her daughters now; so, while very nice, they've become a little less exciting: books, table clothes, sheets, baby sets, etc.

Sometimes I miss the 'old days', but time marches on. Soon, I'll be the one sending Happy Hanukkah cards for birthdays or Halloween - not unlike my great-grandpa (her father). Maybe it runs in the family!

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