Sunday, February 11, 2007

This, that, and another thing

I don't have anything cohesive to say, so this post will be stream of consciousness...

  • Today, Starbeans saw one of the cats on the counter while I was in the other room. I could hear him shouting, "Dow! Dow! Dow!" from the distance. Atta boy!
  • Every once in awhile, when it is time to change his diaper, I can say, "Starbeans, come's time to change your diaper" and he'll come demurely, even lying down on the laid out diaper. Most of the time, that is the trigger to run in the opposite direction wildly (as well as looking really cute).
  • Squeeze spent the weekend replacing our bathroom sink. Along with that chore came: patching up the wall, priming, and re-painting. He did a dandy job! Our bathroom looks much bigger now with the pretty little pedestal sink vs. the old nasty cupboard-style sink. Good riddance.
  • Starbeans created his own sign for "sharp": he holds out his left palm and touches his left pointer finger to it, saying, "Ow...ow...ow". He does the same thing with butter knives (when he can get ahold of one).
  • Just this past week, I've had Starbeans helping me in the kitchen. He likes to pour the contents of measuring cups into bowls, stir, and pretend to wash dishes. It is really nice, actually. He is extremely entertained by it; I have time to get some work done while keeping an eagle eye on him; he's learning how to help; we can spend time together instead of him getting bored (and complaining) on the floor by himself. We have both really enjoyed it!
  • Squeeze is finally transitioning into a full-time position at his workplace. I've been waiting a year and a half to be able to stay home; working part-time has been good for me/us in a lot of ways, but I am so very ready to focus on our child(ren) and home. [Not pregnant.] Only one more week to go, then I am freeeeeee. Goodbye Cubeland (forever). You've been good to me, but now it is time for us to part.
  • Did you know Zsa Zsa Gabor has had 8 husbands? I googled her this weekend, for some reason.
  • I killed mildew on our bedroom window sill this weekend with 12 drops GSE (Grapefruit Seed Extract) to 1/2 cup water. Thank you, Better Basics for the Home. Incidentally, GSE is also a natural antibiotic.
TTFN, internets.
To bed with me!


ms said...

YIPPIE!! we are so glad to see more of you!! i love the list! i love kid invented signs - they just make sense. we have the same runaway diaper changing time scenerio (i don't know how gram gets him to lay down by himself??)
can't wait to hang out!

a. borealis said...

LOL - looking back at this point, I see that I was, in fact, pregnant at this time. Conception occured around 1/31/07. Funny how things like that work.