Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Formerly Four

I haven't posted on this yet, but we relieved ourselves of another cat this weekend. We are down to two, which is much more manageable number, even for cat-lovers. Our stress level is noticeably lower; we knew it would be like that, but it is so hard to part with felines that have become firmly entrenched in one's heart.

Little Bud (formerly known as Seven before he came to us), has a new home with the brother of one of my former co-workers and neighbor, Christina. They are so kind to send us emails of how he is getting along [fabulously]. I am very thankful for that, it makes things a little easier. He is 100% Persian, bred for a longer face, so not show quality - but living a higher quality of life because of it. He is dumb as a rock, but so, so gorgeous.

Here's how inbred he is:
  • His dad is his grandpa
  • His mom is his sister

Yeah, try to wrap your mind around that one. But his breeders, like I said, were going for a longer nose. We got him from a friend who was moving and couldn't take him with (he still can't). He claims to have never seen that Seinfeld episode (the one where George goes ballistic after his acquaintances name their son Seven, the name he came up with). Whatever... The trial-period name before that was Pokey, so I'm glad that didn't stick.

I miss him. Every now and then I think of something he'd be doing or I think I heard his pathetic little meow, and I miss him more. We started calling him Little Bud because it was the only name stupid enough to fit his mental capabilities - like running after Q-tips that weren't even thrown, humping on stuffed animals, and attempts at ingesting yards (and I mean yards) of ribbon. He truly was a little buddy.


Dutchess said...

Hi Sweetie,
Been away from my computer and missed your earlier post about home birth and midwives. When I was in nursing school back in the early 8o's I was assigned to write a paper on home birth. I thought it would be against it--given my instructors' attitudes--but after reading all the books and articles I could find the paper turned out all for home birth. In addition to your good reasons there are lots more. For example: dangerous hospital germs; the high rate of unnecessary c-sections, and so on.
Glad you found a midwife and good luck to you and the new baby!

a. borealis said...

Thanks for the encouragement! I LOVE your screen rules.