Sunday, July 29, 2007

Feast and famine

We've been in some serious need of new dish clothes for many months now.

Case in point:

This dish cloth was actually used just yesterday. Seriously. Can you imagine wiping a toddlers after-meal hands with this? I did, yesterday. I wear my underwear into this state as well, as several friends can probably testify. I also hate shopping and I've been procrastinating because I'd like to buy some dish clothes that someone actually made rather than the boring rinky-dink ones (like above) that are Made in China. Or make my own. Or find some interesting old ones at a thrift store; but I think everyone pretty much wears theirs out, although perhaps not to the state of Example A. I've been getting rather desperate until today, when Squeeze unpacked yet another obscure box (this time, a wooden trunk from our 87 year old former neighbor, Wilburn).

In it was a gold mine of old bath towels, hand towels, kitchen towels, and dish clothes. Yesssss. We scored! Not only are they free and perfectly usable, but they are interesting, old, and carry sentimental value with their attachment to Our Wilburn. AND there is a pink kitchen towel with (of all things) a poodle on it.

Please feast your eyes:

Furthermore, we actually have the drawer space in our new house to keep them all together. In Minneapolis, they were divided up and only a few actually made their entrance into the kitchen. I am very pleased.

In other news, our town's library is as dismal as I first reckoned it to be. Not only is it one room, but it seems like a quarter of the kid's books are lame-o Disney stories and the adult selection consists mainly of grocery check-out romance novels, formula mystery & western novels, and (what I consider to be) the generally boring NY Times best-selling novels. Yawn. My favorite thing about libraries is to be able to browse amongst numerous interesting titles & covers and choose a book that intrigues me. I can honestly say that I was disinterested in every single thing I laid my eyes on. It was endless eye-rolls; I felt like a complete snob. I was plunged into an afternoon of despair on Saturday (in addition to not being able to avoid being the human jungle gym for Starbeans for most of the day). Ack - and this is what I have to resign myself to! Our home library is much more interesting than anything our public library has to offer.

Now, I know I can use the inter-library loan system; but like I said, I love being able to browse through actual books, not the catalogue. Maybe I'll get over it. (It's doubtful.)

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