Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Young Elderly Love

Remember me recently mentioning our 87 year old former neighbor, Wilburn? Well - he done got himself married this summer, the week before we moved no less. We got the invitation a week before the wedding; his sister and neice were informed the same week as we were, only he stopped by their house to tell them in person.

Wilburn n' Evy

Here they are, in all their wedding splendor. Aren't they cute? I really like how he wore a pink shirt to match her pink dress and I ADORE the outrageously large floral wreath adorning her head. It suited her so well; and it went with the cake, which I might add, was absolutely delicious and made by one of their pastors, Luisa. It was some kind of spongy peach something-or-other: tasty beyond reason.

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