Thursday, July 26, 2007

Belly picture

Here I am, at 27 weeks. Sorry about the cropped shot; I did it less for reasons of privacy and more for reasons of vanity. My head wasn't quite as cute as my belly and it therefore got the hack.

My mom sent me this dress today, along with another outfit. I am so glad, because with the last pregnancy I suffered in a few different shirts (hand-me-downs from a certain decade past) and a pair of too-hot rolled-down exercise pants. They just weren't me, but I wore them because they fit - and I would have suffered like that again. I hate shopping, except for thrift stores - and the maternity section at thrift stores is always horrific. [Not to mention the fact that it is almost impossible to go on a mission and find what you want when you want it; they are more of a snag-it-when-you-see-it kinds of places.] In addition, I prefer to wear dresses in the summer; I have a few skirts that still fit, but nothing substantial to speak of. And now I have this cute little ditty (of which Starbeans said, "Bubbles on it"). This, I like. Thanks, Mom!


Mama C-ta said...

Oh that is a cute dress!! Funny that thrift stores never have good maternity. There must be something very emotional about giving up your maternity clothes, or at least the cool ones. I still have mine with no plans to ever use them again but won't part with them. And they were just cheap, ugly things.

You're very skinny by the way.

a. borealis said...

No plans, huh? I've been wondering about that recently, since our boys are so close in age. to keep them, just in case - or perhaps, to remember the "good times". Yeah right. I suppose there are a couple of good months in there, but still...

As far as the skinny goes, I am definitely smaller than I was my first pregnancy; I weigh around 155, which is 5 pounds more than I weighed when BEFORE I was pregnant with Diego (Starbeans). I weighed 185-ish by the end. I'm 5'9. Pre-pregnancy this time around, I was 130 -- I lost mega weight from breastfeeding, I guess. And a fast metabolism. Goodness knows, I have always eaten like a horse.

I am interested in seeing whether or not I'll be more comfortable at the of this pregnancy vs. the first one and/or if I will be able to avoid stretch marks (again) because of carrying less weight. Here's to hoping so!!

Thanks for the visit -- I always enjoy a little bit o' Mama C-ta.

Carrien said...

I love that dress. It's tres cute.