Friday, March 21, 2008

Fragrance explosion!

The year that we became pregnant with Starbeans, Squeeze and I went through a minor Gesneriad Craze (Sinningias and African Violets are a part of this family) and joined the MN Chapter of The [American] Gesneriad Society. We were the youngest members by 20-30 years; we even got the comment of, "It's good to get some fresh blood in here!" at one of the meetings from a grizzled veteran.

While our participation was short-lived, it enabled us to take some amazing tours of established greenhouses, familiarized us with the Gesneriad family, and helped us widen our then-large, now mid-sized, plant collection via trades and purchases.

This little baby, Sinningia 'Peach Bouquet', is one of our resulting additions from the Gesneriad Craze. It may have bloomed before, but I must have been completely oblivious to its charm at the time [baby-brain]. We now have no doubt as to why it was named, 'Peach Bouquet' - and it isn't just its color. The flower's fragrance is staggering: putting your nose into the bloom and inhaling is like a trip to another land, its scent is that wonderful. Peachy-keen, I should say, and cute to boot.

Sinningia 'Peach Bouquet'

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