Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Oh yes I did, or more aptly titled: Good enough - Oops, I did it again - Crap - I guess I'll wear piggy-tails for awhile - or - Finally!

My former co-workers and friends may remember my history of cutting my own hair for better - or much, much worse. However, I remember one spring when I did such a fantastic job that people I didn't even know stopped by my desk to marvel at it for 2-3 days. Really, it was great: I went home from work one day with loooong hair and came in the next with a kind of short little bob, borealis-style.

[Or...maybe it wasn't so fantastic like I thought, and it was more of a freakish spectacle. Ha! Whatever it was, I thought it was a pretty amazing job at the time.]

The desire hits me every March or April; without a doubt, it coincides with Cabin Fever [which I get every single spring, from one extent to another...hmmm...Vitamin D...?]. I need a change, I'm tired of the same old thing, and, due to my lazy habits, my hair usually needs it badly.

This spring has been particularly bad (hair-wise) because,
  1. I haven't had a hair-cut, not even a trim, in a year and a half (zoinks!),
  2. and as you can imagine, my split ends had split ends,
  3. Baby Pumpkin has reached the age where he grabs whatever his little hands touch with a vice-grip rivaling that of a steel bear trap (yeeeouch!), and
  4. Starbeans' comfort...of all things...is my neck. My hair was so long that he was having trouble getting at it while snuggling before naps and bedtime. The night before last, he said, "Mama, get your hair out of the way!"
[Yes, Starbeans loves my neck. When he gets tired or hurt or just wants to snuggle, he says, "Touch neck, Mama" and will literally sit or stand by me, and simply have his hand resting on my neck. He does this with Squeeze while they are cuddling, too. Before Pumpkin was born, his comfort was always my breasts, but that wasn't going to work with milky boobs - so I slowly weaned him from it and it moved northwards for him very naturally. It is nice, since Squeeze has a neck too.]

I've been scheming on my haircut for weeks now: contemplating asking my MIL to do it; working out a baby-sitter so I could get my hair done at...let's see...Blondie's, in town; and finally, in my desperation, planning to do it myself. The catch is that I needed to do it when the baby was napping, which, while he still takes 4-5 naps a day, they are often 45 minutes or less. That isn't much time to give oneself a haircut, ladies!

So...I did a quick hack-job yesterday morning. And while it may not look good, my goodness, does it feel good! And that was the main goal. It is like a weight off my neck; I can have it in cute little pigtails, Starbeans can get at it easily, it isn't flying up in my face and driving me insane, and best of all, if feels silky again. Yes, girls. It was time.

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Wow! I'm impressed.