Monday, March 16, 2009

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I have been on what we have dubbed an "emotional vacation" for the past two weeks with Squeeze, my main squeeze, my only squeeze, aka - my husband. It has been part time-travel, part detective work, and part passionate revival. Our marriage relationship has always been solid, based on friendship and very happy, but for the last few years we have been operating largely as business partners vs. anything resembling passion. It took a little shaking-up to make us realize this.

It has been the most amazing thing - circumstances triggered by an interface from the past threw us into an intense reviewal of our 3.5 year tumultuous dating relationship. We've been re-reading old journals, daybooks, notes, letters, perusing through pictures, and talking extensively and intensively for almost 2 weeks straight, from the second we see each other in the morning until we go to bed (interrupted by work, of course). We never felt like we had the time to talk before this, but now find ourselves sitting the kids down with a pile of play-doh or little cars or sticks outside and talking and talking and talking. It feels so good.

We have made several discoveries about our past: why our dating years were so up-and-down, what attracted us to each other in the first place, and why things simmered down once we finally decided to go for the gold [get married].

We have told each other things that the other has never heard about until now. We are re-realizing why we are such a perfect pairing: how our idiosyncrasies work together to form a stronger bond, and the great respect and understanding that we have for each other.

It has been just so refreshing: and exactly what we needed.



Ashley said...

Beautiful! Wonderful! So exciting! I love hearing things like this. I love you both dearly.

C. Shirk said...

Matt and I are both ENTJ's. Isn't that funny?

A strong marriage is such a blessing - one I'm so glad you enjoy.

a. borealis said...

You guys are both ENTJs? Fascinating! Nelly is an ENTJ too, did you know that? Two Field Marshalls...interesting...

ms said...

awesome. so great to reconnect in this very different time in your relationship!! so great to hear! i am wiping the wetness from my eyes.

a. borealis said... has been the BEST.