Sunday, May 17, 2009

To my #1 fan, Ash - and her husband, my brother

Ashley ---
So sincere and honest.

I love it that you're working at
Kelowna "General Hospital".
It sounds like a soap; but in reality...
You're wiping butts and cleaning cuts.
And staying up all night.

Ashley ---
Hard at work at her new hobby.

You're smart and sassy,
not quite as slow as molassy;
working through the tedium of...cross-stitching.
(Or is that bo-bassy?)
I smile at the thought of it.

Ashlik --
or Erley ---
You're half my hits each day, you silly girl.
And that is why you, my dear, are my #1 fan.
You're the record-holder, fo' sho'.

1 comment:

Ashley said...

hey now, let's be honest... Erik probably has 1/4 of the hits from here. In fact he is the one who drew my attention here this very morning.

Love it.