Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I love two year olds

Seriously, I think I might be crazy about them. They're so funny, adorable, loving, and hardly have any morning breath at all.

Especially my little Pumpkin . . . how can he be so cute?!

As he we snuggled down into sleep last night, I heard him whisper-singing, "No more monkeys jumping in the bed!" and "Twinkle-twinkle yittle starw". He has also been singing, "And one for the yittle boy who yives dow-n the yane" and, my favorite, "Pop! goes the wea-soh".

I could just eat him up. And I do -- then he yells, "Kisses are yucky!" and tries to wipe them off his face, smiling and giggling all the while. Then I have to smooch him more. ♥


Ashley said...

Wowza. That boy's hair is growing!! I wish mine would do that. He is adorable sis. I wish I could snuggle with him and give him yucky kisses. We need a skype date. Tell the boys Buncle Erik and Stinky Ash love them.

ms said...

seriously, he has so much more hair than claire!
so fun to see you guys and play together!!