Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Possibly maybe

Welllll . . . it is looking like this might just be it.


I was awakened by contractions somewhere between 2:30-ish am, not fully realizing it until 2:51 am, when I started timing.  They're coming somewhere in the range of every 10-12 minutes and getting more unpleasant.  Like, I'm forcing myself to breathe calmly because I keep on trying to hold my breath.  Why...?

So . . . the midwife is on her way (she's got a few hour drive from where she is) and said she is glad I called.  I'll probably start waking up Squeeze and my doula friend in an hour or so.  Probably.  It would be such an unpleasant surprise for all of us to find that this isn't it.

It.  You know.  Labor.

Meanwhile, I'm hungry.  And eating leftover friiiiiiiiiiii-tta-ta.

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Ashley said...

thinking of you and hoping this is really it!