Sunday, January 02, 2011

Due date

Still no activity.  I vacillate between feeling overly antsy and my normal, optimistic self with a sense of lingering curiosity.  No despair, thankfully.

Who?  What?  When?? 


Honeybehr said...

Ahhhh, friend, reading all of your posts lately is like listening to my own thoughts. :) Going between total calm and utter panic, loving pregnancy and then hating it two hours later, wondering if the time is here and then realizing that the waiting game is still on. Hang in there, dear! Just know that the babe needs a little more time to grow and soon enough, he/she will make a grand entrance! And hopefully not in bad weather...which is one of my own personal panicky thoughts, as well.
Excited for you guys!

mschirber said...

anticipating with you!!!!!