Sunday, January 30, 2011

A menagerie

I'm going to start Jamie's birth story this afternoon.  I wonder how many days it will take me?

In other news:
  • One of the side benefits of bathing every few days is that it makes a hot shower feel like an absolute luxury.  I can hardly believe how amazingly wonderful it feels.  It makes it almost worth it.  My preference is to shower every other day.
  • I have fancy long nails for the third time in my life.  With every pregnancy, my nails become a lot stronger and I grow them out as an experiment.  This time instead of cutting them all back as soon as one breaks, I've been filing them.  That's what it's called, right -- a nail file?  It sounds wrong.  Anyway, I like them, but it is kind of annoying too.  I can feel them as a type.  And I've found that I have to handle things differently because they get in the way.  Definitely not working hands.
  • I had my last postpartum appointment with my midwife yesterday.  I felt very sad that I wouldn't be seeing her again very soon, if at all.  Another chapter closes.  There was another 3.5 week old baby there and I couldn't believe how small she was.  The hostess of whose home we were using referred to Jamie as a "bruiser" in comparison to her petite frame.  He seemed to be stronger too, with better control over his head and arms.  Interesting.
  • Jamie is definitely more like Diego when he was a baby.  Diego was the one that all the great-grandmas referred to as "husky".  (Oh, how I loved that!)  Truen was always (and is) very small, at the bottom of the charts, the baby that made the nurses wonder if he was "eating enough" or growing well enough.  He's just small -- there's nothing wrong with that.  In fact, as a three year old, he's wearing clothes that Diego wore at two.  Size: 2T.  And we still have to roll the pants.
  •  Squeeze broke down his 72 gallon bow-front aquarium this weekend.  The remnants of the fish have been moved to a 10 gallon tank (which shows how many we actually had left) and drained all the water out the window.  There just isn't time for such a massive hobby in his life right now.  And it isn't even massive, really.  Just a few hours a month, but even that was too much.  He's had it up since 2001.  It used to be at the end of our bed in our duplex on Humboldt in Minneapolis and we watched it every night, mesmerized.  It is truly the end of an era, though neither of us are sad about it.
Over and out.

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