Wednesday, June 01, 2011

The Great Memorial Day Weekend Garden Blitz

We attacked the garden with unrelenting force for three whole days last weekend and ended up with something we are very, very proud of.

Goodbye weeds! Goodbye horrors! Hello gorgeous future-garden.

We look at it as an investment. If one doesn't gain control of the garden at the very start, when the plants are still tiny babies, you will spiral out of control with embarrassment and spend the rest of the summer wrestling with weeds. It is a battle worth fighting. A battle worth an 18-20 hour investment over a (formerly leisure-filled) 3-day weekend.

Green! Weedy! Unsightly!

Brown! Brag-worthy! Packed with potential!

Squeeze did the bulk of the work, but I came out in force during the baby's long afternoon nap. We are the perfect workmates in a garden, even in weeding. I like the big stuff, like thistles (which he hates), and he gets a charge out of eradicating the teensy things, like crab grass babies (which could put me over the brink of pathos).

Perfect! Go get 'em, team.

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Ashley said...

Woah! Nice work. I love the car seat in the middle of the garden - presh. Mainly because that means there was an adorable little (big) boy sitting in it at some point.