Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Newborn blankie shots

I've been meaning to do this post since January . . . oh well, better late than never.

Look at all my sweet babes!  My MIL makes a special quilt-blankie for each of her grandchildren -- they are so special, I really love them. Neither of the boys have chosen it as their "special" blankie (for which I am thankful, because it would be in tatters by the time they turned 10) but we keep them around and use them frequently.

Lately I've been laying them across our gigantic queen-and-double patchwork family bed.  Or we use them as the play-area during an exciting game of Go Fish.  Or they snuggle down into them while we sit around and chat on weekend mornings.

Diego Kinder Dune
July 2005

Truen Jules Pumpkin
October 2007

Jamie Sterling
January 2011

Diego got the colorful FISH, Truen, the LION in autumn hues, and Jamie's is the sweetest little brown GIRAFFE.  (I'll have to post pictures of that later.) 

Gramma S. didn't have Jamie's blankie done by his birth day (the usual), because she was waiting to find out if he would be a boy or a girl.  She said that she was "going to really pull out all the stops" and make it the most ridiculously girly blankie she has ever done had he been female.

But, you know.  The Borealis men only shoot out little boys.  One girl per generation for the last four generations, and we already have our girl (Borealis cousin) this time around.

Not that I don't love my boys.

After seeing a few of 'em, I've come to the conclusion that we have one boy that looks like Blaine (Diego) and two boys that look like me (Truen and Jamie).  They certainly look like brothers, but Blaine got trounced in the gene dept.  Kind of sad, since I'm so ugly.  Ha!  Kidding.

Aren't my little darlings just darlin'? 

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