Friday, October 07, 2011

Another visit, this time with sibs

One month later....

My cousin got married the Sunday of Labor Day Weekend.
The wedding was at Nazareth Chapel at NW College --
Gorgeous atmosphere, amazing pianist, lovely bride.

My dad, two of my brothers, and my SIL were able to make it.
Which was lovely . . . absolutely wonderful.
This was after a family brunch in Stillwater the next morning.
The St. Croix river was particularly delightful this day.
Incidentally, there had been a Bigfoot sighting
in Stillwater just the week before.
We didn't see one.

There is a co-op near the waterfront in Stillwater --
We purchased the raw materials for a picnic
and lunched (a.k.a. FEASTED) on the grass along the river.
It was so relaxing and happy, a truly beautiful time.
The green grass, sailing white cloud-puffs, a bluer-than-blue sky.
And just hangin' out.  It felt so good.

Grandpa snuggled with Lil' Schtinky quite a bit.
We spent the extended weekend with my dad
and this was the last day.
Towards the end of the afternoon he held a sleeping Jamie,
'til his butt fell asleep and he got so sore and stiff
from holding the same position
that he just couldn't take it anymore.
I've done the same thing many times. ♥

Monday night we headed back to our place in the rolling prairies.
I don't have as many pictures of that time because it was
in the kitchen and garden.  Plus just sitting and talking.
But suffice it to say, it was a lovely visit.
This is the killer pizza that my brother and SIL made.
The one I keep talking about. 
The eggplant and cherry tomato pizza.
It was so. good.
Incidentally, this picture is a good representation of the
INSANITY that the kitchen turns into in September.
Hardly a clear spot on the counter.

My long-haired brudders.
This was right as we were saying goodbye to Brent --
he took the bus back to Minneapolis that Thursday,
flying back to Colorado the day after that.

On Friday afternoon, Erik and Ash started the
long, winding trek back to Kelowna, BC, but first --
We went on a mini-hike and picnic to the prairie preserve.
Also lovely.  My word for the day.  Lovely.
The texture and color of the grasses is so Martha.
If that makes sense.


Ashley said...

Woah! I was looking at picture number 2 (family picture) because something just didn't look right. Then I realized that my right leg looks twice as big as my left leg. Maybe even three times the size. Miss you guys!

a. borealis said...

LOL, it totally does! I hadn't noticed that. Peg-leg Jansen. Speaking of Jansens, I think you look totally like your DAD in that picture. You really remind me of him in that shot. Cute. :)

C. Shirk said...

Your kids look very well-loved by your fam. Isn't that an awesome blessing?