Monday, October 17, 2011

This past weekend

We --
  • Prepped/planted garlic
  • Pulled in all the peppers and tomatoes
    • After a very early frost, followed by weeks of very warm temps, fall is coming to stay . . . Jack Frost's ETA is Tuesday night
  • Canned
    • 9 quarts tomato sauce
    • 10 quarts tomatillo salsa
Blaine also cleaned the gutters, cleaned out the chicken coop, and did the beginnings of garden clean-up.  I'm finishing up the salsa/sauce right now, just waiting for it to cool in the canner a bit before setting it out on the counter.  Then, to bed.

But just one more thing . . .

 Can you see it...?

My first baby lost his first tooth

It fell out while eating a donut on Saturday morning.  A donut, yes.  Blaine brought it home from work.  Diego had been fretting about the pain of having it pulled out and wanted it to "just fall out" by itself.  And by golly, it did.  He was very excited about it.

Afterwards he said, "Let's call people and tell them the news!"  We called both grandparents (only one was home) and he gave them the play-by-play.

And while I was initially sad when we realized his tooth was loose, it was an exciting moment for all of us.  My tender-hearted little guy.  Losing teeth.  Amazing.

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