Monday, October 10, 2011


We totally conquered this weekend. 

We --
  1. Butchered six chickens
  2. Cut down a tree
  3. Dug up, divided, and moved four bunches of raspberries
  4. Processed 60 lbs of tomatoes --
  5. Which became 9.5 quarts of tomato sauce, an enormous batch of tomato soup, and 6 cups of spicy tomato aspic (pectin-based vs. gelatin -- think savory tomato jelly)
We did this in two days, with two little boys and a 9 month old, just the two of us, with only an hour-and-a-half help from Blaine's parents (the tree).  Un-un-un-un.

Lest our heads inflate, let us remember that the kitchen floor looks like a sandbox yet again; Mt. Saint Laundry Pile sits on the living room couch, where I'm pretty sure every article of our clothing is laying in a big wrinkly pile; and after staying up until 1:45 AM to finish the canning process, I felt like a incoherent zombie when stirred to nurse my little little babe in the night. 

I'm also in fairly dire need of a shower.

But it feels very good. 

And . . . at intermittent moments, my thoughts moved towards winter.  That's when I hope to paint the sunroom, replace the toilet, finish Truen's baby calendar, read a little more, and have time to stare out the window (yeah right).

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lil' mama said...

Whoa. I am impressed!