Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Grilled cheese anything

I've been on a loveboat with grilled cheese since last summer.  Grilled cheese with sliced red onions, melty and sweet.   Tuna melts w/ cheddar cheese and sliced red onions.  Sliced. red. onions.  Meh tum's a'rumblin'. 

I amped up the arsenal a bit this weekend.  Chicken melts.  I had plenty of chicken left over from stock-making, something I usually use to make meaty quesadillas or boring cold sandwiches with cheese and mustard and jam.  But we didn't have any corn tortillas and I wanted something warm, so as I stared at the refrigerator in contemplation, I wondered, "Why not a chicken melt...?"

So chicken melts it was.  With sliced red onions.  And sweet "refrigerator" pickles on the side. Yo. Delicious.

I've also honed in on the secret to the perfect melt.  Make sure that most of the cheese goes on first, then the meat and onions, then a few more slices of cheese.  The meat won't flop out as you flip it, the cheese won't get too hot and glop out the sides, and the onions will be sweet and soft.  De-wish-shuss.

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